Conglomeration has published two tapes (Grandma Went Out With a Bang and How Many of Them Can We Make Die?) recorded at Conterpoint Too!, the 1996 Floating Northeast Filk Convention and two CDs (Screams of the Vegetables recorded at the 1998 World Science Fiction Convention in Baltimore and The Filk Was Great... recorded at Conterpoint Three in 2000).

(Note: Where two names are listed in the credits, the listings are Performer — Author or Lyric Author / Music Author)

Grandma Went Out With a Bang (cassette -- Conterpoint Two, 1996)

Cover Art Matt Leger

We Can’t Find... Dr. Jane Robinson
Your State’s Name Here On The Mark -- Lou & Peter Berryman
I Had A Spirit Above My Degree Mary Bertke -- Trad
Not the Way To Get Laid Leslie Fish
The Mad Scientist’s Love Song Gary McGath & Virginia Taylor -- Gary McGath
Grandma Went Out With A Bang Leslie Fish
TV 2000 Darren Zieger
Cat And The Fiddle Heather Alexander
Estampie On The Mark -- Monica Cellio
Graviportal Polka Dr. Jane Robinson
Iguanas (They’re Not Just For Breakfast Any More) Lynn Gold
Banned From Argo Leslie Fish

How Many of Them Can We Make Die? (cassette -- Conterpoint Two, 1996)

Cover Art Matt Leger

Hap’n’ Frog Heather Alexander
Dawson’s Mitzvah Gary Ehrlich -- Janice Tuerff & Nancy Louise Freeman / Duane Elms
Man In The Shadows Leslie Fish
Ponderosa Medley Heather Alexander -- elements by Jay Livingston, Ray Evans, & Giacomo Rossini, arrangement by Heather Alexander
Have A Nice Day Dr. Jane Robinson
Sky Full Of Stars Mary Bertke
My Husband Was A Weatherman On The Mark -- Gunnar Madsen & Richard Greene
Amazon On The Mark -- Bruce Watson
Big Slab Of Cow & Farm Song Darren Zieger
Drivel Dr. Jane Robinson / Dave vanRonk
PGP Leslie Fish
When Heroes Smoked Leslie Fish -- Rennie Levine / Kathy Mar
March Of Cambreadth Heather Alexander

Screams of the Vegetables (CD -- Worldcon, 1998)

Cover Photo Scott Dorsey

Carrot Juice Is Murder Clam Chowder -- The Arrogant Worms
Blood and Black Leather Leslie Fish
The Lady Dave Clement -- Jodi Krangle
Three Fishers Bob & Sue Esty -- Garnet Rogers
Alternate World Temperance Union Gary McGath
Hard Drive Calypso Bill Roper
One Last Dance Bill Roper
Two Lawyers Clam Chowder -- Trad
Merlin Dave Clement -- Doug McArthur
Not Everybody Dies Erica Neely
Idiot! What Were You Thinking? Dave Weingart -- Dave Weingart / William & Versey Smith
Excommunion Leslie Fish
Arthur Curry Ookla the Mok
Bob's Weird Darren Zieger
Hachie Foh Clam Chowder -- Trad
Number One Ookla the Mok
Science Fiction Double Feature Clam Chowder -- Richard O'Brien

The Filk Was Great... (CD -- Conterpoint Three, 2000)

Cover Art Matt Leger

The Filk Was Great At This Year's Westercon Joe Bethancourt
My Brown Gal Echo's Children & Bob Esty -- Cat Faber
Ye Jacobites Clam Chowder -- Trad
Why You Haven't Heard Of Me Erica Neely
Unanswered Questions Joe Bethancourt
Waiting On The World Wide Web Matt Leger
Solar Flare Dan & Melissa Glasser -- Sam Baardman
The Battle Dave Weingart
Grandma's Training Bra Lynn Gold
I Never Do Anything Twice Clam Chowder -- Stephen Sondheim
We Be Three Poor Mariners On The Mark -- Thomas Ravenscroft
Mortal Man Erica Neely
MormonCon Michael Liebmann
The Ballad Of The CSS Hunley Clam Chowder -- John Huff
You Done Stomped On My Heart Joe Bethancourt -- Mason Williams
Sam's Song Erica Neely -- Zander & Soren Nyrond
Agincourt Clam Chowder -- Trad

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